Saturday, March 2, 2013

Way of the Cross by Fr. Augustine Vallooran (eBook)

Way of the Cross by Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran
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Meditating on the Way of Salvation with REV. DR. AUGUSTINE VALLOORAN, VC

This prayer ebook provides meditations on the way of the Cross, the way to salvation. By meditating on the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we are entering the most precious hours of the earthly life of Jesus. 

Rev. Dr. Augustine Vallooran, VC, is the Director of Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala, India, the largest Catholic renewal retreat centre run by the Vincentian Fathers. Over the last 25 years since its foundation, 10 million pilgrims have participated in the week-long retreats held every week throughout the year, in 7 different languages. To find out more about Divine Retreat Centre, visit:

Note from Victor (the publisher):
This one is for the grown-ups. I am helping to raise funds for the Divine Retreat Centre (DRC). This retreat centre in Kerala, India, is the largest Catholic retreat centre in the world. The Way of the Cross ebook includes meditations written by DRC's Director, Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran. Please help to support their cause to bring people closer to Jesus! All proceeds from this ebook go to Divine Retreat Centre.

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