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'Let's Pray With St. Thérèse' Prayer Journal eBook

'Let's Pray With St. Thérèse' Prayer Journal eBook
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Happy Saints ‘Let’s Pray With St. Thérèse’ eBook is a printable illustrated prayer journal featuring the ‘Little Way’ of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. It uses St. Thérèse’s wisdom to encourage the young and young-at-heart to explore their unique relationship with God. 

There are 17 chapters, each with a theme based on St. Thérèse sayings and accompanied by reflection passages, prayer cards, question-answer sheets and cute artworks. By entering into the heart and mind of St. Thérèse through her sayings, readers are encouraged to look at ways to respond to God and His Presence, in the concrete situations of their own lives. 

There are two parts in each chapter. The first part features excerpts from St. Thérèse’s writings, with a corresponding Bible verse and a reflection passage. The second part features a prayer card and reflection questions with blank spaces for journaling thoughts and resolutions.

Beautiful Things Can Happen Out Of Little Things, Accepting Everything From God, More For The Love Of God, Prayer Is A Loving Conversation With God, When Jesus Seems Asleep, A Vocation Of Love, God’s Care And Presence, Big Dream In A Little Heart, A Game For Holiness, God’s Thirst, Home For Jesus In Her Heart - First Communion, Receiving Jesus In Holy Communion, Jesus Our True Friend, God The Loving Father, Hope For Heaven, Prayer For Priests, Roses From Heaven

PDF includes printable prayer + resolution cards, badges and black-and-white coloring pages (please note these are not included in the print version).
Ideal for ages 5 to 10, but great for everyone!

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