Monday, June 5, 2017

Resources for JUNE, month of the EUCHARIST

June is the month of the Eucharist, with two major feast days: SACRED HEART & CORPUS CHRISTI. Here are some fun, educational & printable ebooks to celebrate the BODY OF CHRIST!

  • Eucharistic Tales - 3 fully-illustrated true EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE stories, including Lanciano, Assisi (St. Clare) and Seefeld.
  • Favorite Prayers eBook 1 - 20 artworks of favorite Catholic prayers including SACRED HEART PRAYER.
  • Favorite Prayers eBook 2 - 20 more favorite prayers including ANIMA CHRISTI & BLESSED SACRAMENT PRAYERS.
  • Holy Rosary eBook - 20 artworks of the Rosary Mysteries including the 5th Luminous Mystery: INSTITUTION OF THE EUCHARIST.
  • Happy Saints eBook 3 - 15 artworks of Catholic saints including ST. MARGARET MARY, Apostle of the Sacred Heart.
  • Happy Saints Liturgical Calendar - 2017 Liturgical Calendar showing major feasts such as CORPUS CHRISTI & SACRED HEART FEAST.

Each PDF includes printable posters, cards, coloring pages & badges

'Happy Saints' has many more fun and useful Catholic resources available for kids and the family! View the complete e-catalog here:

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