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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Welcome to the Happy Saints gallery!

Hi, this gallery showcases my artwork of the beloved Saints of God, whom I call 'Happy Saints'. This title is inspired by St. Alphosus Liguori's quote that 'those who love God are always happy'. I created these cute and happy saints cartoon in the hope to generate more interest in the saints, especially among today's young and young-at-heart, who are immersed in a world of rock stars, pop idols and sports celebrities. May the Saints of God guide us all back to true happiness in Christ!

God bless you and I love to hear your comment!


  1. I just love your Happy Saints and the idea of bringing a smile to our faith. I wondered if you have plans to make a Blessed John XXIII 'happy-saint'that would make my day ;-))

    Greetings Oscar

  2. Hi Oscar, thanks!!! I will keep Blessed John 23 in my list of future Happy Saints!

  3. This is really great Victor! I pray you continue with this as I would like to promote this among the youth. May you receive more blessings from our Lord and His Blessed Mother so that you could spread the Gospel through this medium. God Bless!

  4. Hi! How about St. Gianna??

  5. Thank you very much Victor! May God bless you always!