Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Saints eBooks Reviews

I sent out review copies of Happy Saints ebooks to bloggers recently. Here are two reviews that I am happy to share with you:

After clicking on that link, I did indeed fall in love. At first, I expected to simply see cute renderings of awesome saints. Then I saw there were two ebooks full of them! Each ebook is filled with 15 different saints. In the book are a plethora of resources: posters, prayer cards, notecards, badges and coloring pages. Yes, if you homeschool, teach religious education or are just looking for a fun way to introduce the saints to your children, I HAVE YOUR ANSWER! ...  ... (read on)

Yeah! Writing a review of a lovely book about the saints for kids!
I discovered the Happy Saints website a while ago and have really loved what they have to offer for kids to learn about the saints. I've had the opportunity to download and review the first e-book and I really like it! ... (read on)