Monday, January 14, 2013

Updated Reviews and Testimonials Page

I have just updated the Reviews and Testimonials Page to include quotes from the linked articles. Thank you everyone who has given such kind words for the Happy Saints. The quotes are reproduced here below for convenience. Future reviews will be reflected in the actual page at:

Reviews and Testimonials on Happy Saints Artworks,  eBooks and Gifts

Testimonials from Happy Saints Article in the National Catholic Register:

"When children see the drawings, they’ll instantly see the physical characteristics of the saints as well as recognize that those saints lived sainthood with joy and happiness, even in the hard times... It’s simply delightful for children. Children love something that can inspire their imaginations for more and something that is truly honest." - Cid Fortuna (Brazil)

"The Happy Saints eBook is unlike any other book about saints that I have ever seen. Most books on saints are reference books, where only a few of the entries are read at one time. The Happy Saints eBook is so colorful, with each illustration cuter than the last. It entices you to read every entry." - Angela Berczek (Virginia)

"The artwork and presentation of the saints found in Happy Saints is very engaging and attractive to our students. The biographies and prayers are written in very child-friendly language." - Jason Halstead (Florida)

"They all love the Happy Saints. I think it is because the saints are friendly and very kid-oriented. Their faces are so inviting, and the sayings are easy for little ones to read and remember." - Eileen Wickham (Texas)

"Yes, if you homeschool, teach religious education or are just looking for a fun way to introduce the saints to your children, I HAVE YOUR ANSWER!" 
- Team Whitaker (read full review)

"I love the colors, the simple faces and quotes for each saint. It is a great way for kids to learn about the saints-with one summarizing quote. Robby loves to color in sheets for the different feast days, which makes this perfect. This would also be a great resource for homeschooling families. Make sure you follow their blog so you can be up to date with all the feast days!" 
- Robby's Adventure (read full review)

"As I browsed the book, I found myself smiling.  It was a good thing my Netbook wasn't hooked up to the printer, or I would have promptly printed off most of the posters.  They are gorgeous.  Each features a picture of the saint, along with a brief quote from that saint around his or her picture.  Then there's a brief biography of the saint, detaining when they lived and when their feast day is.  Finally, there is a brief prayer that helps us apply a lesson from the saint's life to our own lives."
- The Koala Bear Writer (full review here)

"I printed out these Happy Saints prayer cards on label paper, cut them out with a paper cutter and mounted the picture on one side of some colored card stock, and the prayer on the back.  I used little place card holders to stand them up down the center of our table.  They’ve been up on the fireplace mantle ever since."
- Sometimes Martha Always Mary (read full review)

"I love Victor’s cute, colorful, and fun depictions of our Heavenly Heroes for kids! I have used his images for craft projects before, and as a part of his ministry to children, he encourages us to print the images from his site."
- Catholic Icing (read full review)

"Instead of Happy St. about HAPPY SAINTS Valentine Day!  These are WAY cooler and Catholic than Barbie or Buzz Lightyear!  My daughter can give these away...and I know that the kids will love them!  Maybe just one little card will entice a child to learn more about the Communion of Saints!"
- Arma Dei (read full review) 

"August’s contemporary Sacred Heart piece, perhaps the happiest looking Sacred Heart image ever created..."
- The Catholic Beat (read full review)  

"We translated your saints images and we used them for a scavenger hunt, in which the older kids had to look up different questions regarding the saints. We also printed the pictures and used them for Put the Halo on the Saint game, we printed the pictures and taped them to coke bottles and did a ring toss game. We had fun!"

- Friends of Jesus and Mary, Panama (see the pictures)