Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Keep Happy Saints Alive!

Keep the Happy Saints alive! 
Support this project by buying these fun and useful printable PDF ebooks at:

Print and share Happy saints posters, prayer cards, greeting cards, badges, coloring pages for religious education, homeschooling or plain good fun! Looks great on tablets too!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Saints A to Z Sketches

Here are some sketches of new artworks for the Happy Saints A to Z Cards Crowdfunding Project. It's not difficult to guess who they are ;)

The final color artworks will be part of the crowdfunded alphabet card set. The campaign has reached almost 70% of its goal with 26 days left! You can own a set of these cards by contributing to the campaign here:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Saints A to Z Cards Crowdfunding Day #15

Happy Saints A to Z Crowdfunding Day #15

Over 50% goal reached! Thank you, dear Contributors, all 97 of you so far! 30 more days to go! Check out these prototype designs of the tuck box... finally decided on the green design.

Please do continue to support and share the campaign here:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blog Review: ‘An Awesome Teaching Tool’

Blog Review: ‘An Awesome Teaching Tool’
Check out this review on Happy Saints by Gina of Someday Saints Blog!

'These are incredible teaching tools for us Catholic mamas! Whether or not youhomeschoolyou’re called to teach your child about the faith, and the saints are great friends to make along the way. You can browse the Happy Saints site for saints, you can buy e-books with entire collections of saints, or prayers, or Bible stories…you can be like me and squeal each time a new saint is posted, because not only are the illustrations friendly, adorable, and happy (as we know the saints are!), they are delightful and inspiring and FUN to share with my kids.'

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Saints A to Z Cards Crowdfunding Day #10

Happy Saints A to Z Crowdfunding Day #10


If you are thinking of getting the Happy Saints A to Z cards only after the crowd funding campaign is over, here are 5 reasons to pre-order them now!

1. MAKE IT HAPPEN! The cards will only go into production if there are enough pre-orders. Otherwise all pledges are refunded and there is no risk to you. Your contribution makes a difference to turn this project into reality for everyone!

2. FREE SHIPPING! You may have noticed that there are no shipping charges. This is because I am absorbing the costs during the campaign period. When the campaign is over, shipping charges are applicable for every order.

3. FREE DIGITAL VERSION! When you pre-order the printed card sets during the campaign period, you get the digital PDF version free! After the end of the campaign, printed and digital versions will be priced separately.

4. LIMITED EDITION EXTRAS! Pre-order now and you can add on items that are only available during the campaign period, such as posters and customs artwork!

5. IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! Priority is given to pre-orders to ensure that they are ready and shipped to contributors in time for Christmas! 

We have reached 42% of our goal in the 1st 10 days. Thank you to all 71 contributors! Please do continue to support and share the campaign here:

Thank you and God bless!

St. Veronica Coloring Page Preview

Happy Feast Day! St. Veronica Coloring Page Preview!

High quality color and B&W versions of this artwork are available in Happy Saints eBook 7:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Saints A to Z Cards Crowdfunding Day #5

Happy Saints A to Z Crowdfunding Day #5

The fundraising campaign to produce a set of cute alphabet cards of Patron Saints reached 27% of its goal 5 days after launch (40 more days to go). A huge thank you to my first 44 contributors who have pledged! Your cards are a quarter way to reality! Please continue to support and share this campaign :)

How to order more than 1 set of cards:
On the Indiegogo platform, each perk contribution is processed individually. You can select another perk only after completing payment for each perk i.e. it is not possible to make one single payment for a few perks. So, if you wish to order, say 3 sets of cards, you may make the contribution thrice and I will take note to ship them to you if the campaign hits its goal.

Please do continue to support and share the campaign here:

Thank you and God bless!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Saints A to Z Cards Crowdfunding Day #1

14% funds raised from 30 contributors on the first day! Very encouraging! Thank you to all backers so far! I pray the momentum keeps up, so everyone will get their card sets :)

If you are not too sure what ‘crowdfunding’ is, here’s a quick summary:
When you contribute to a crowdfunding campaign, you are placing an order on a work-in-progress product. If the campaign reaches the funding goal, the product will go into production and you will receive your order. However, if the campaign fails to raise the amount required, the product will not be made and you will be refunded everything you pledged.

The Happy Saints A to Z campaign ends in mid August. My prayer is that it will reach the goal and I can then start sending out the digital versions immediately, and proceed to produce the printed sets to get them to all contributors before Christmas!

Please do continue to support and share the campaign here:

Thank you and God bless!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Saints A to Z Indiegogo Campaign

The 'HAPPY SAINTS A TO Z CARDS' crowdfunding campaign has started in Indiegogo! By contributing to this campaign, you will help to make the production of the cards possible, and of course, receive a set of cards yourself. Please help support the project by contributing, sharing and praying! Campaign ends in mid-August. Thank you and God bless!

Visit the Happy Saints A to Z crowdfunding site here: