Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Saints Easter eBook

We are less than two weeks from Easter! What happens after Easter Sunday? Journey through the biblical events from the Resurrection to Pentecost with the Happy Saints Easter eBook!

Featuring 14 cartoon artworks based on the Stations of the Resurrection (Via Lucis - the Way of Light); with short Gospel passages and simple prayers.

The Stations of the Resurrection is a joyful way to celebrate the glorious Resurrection of Jesus and is a great complement to the more sorrowful Stations of the Cross. This devotion is recognized in the Vatican’s Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy.

Artworks include:
Jesus Rises from the Dead
The Finding of the Empty Tomb 
The Risen Lord Appears to Mary Magdalene 
Jesus Appears on the Road to Emmaus
Jesus is Known at the Breaking of Bread
Jesus Appears to His Disciples in Jerusalem
Jesus Gives the Disciples the Power to Forgive Sins
Jesus Strengthens the Faith of Thomas
Jesus Appears by the Sea of Tiberias 
Jesus Tells Peter to Feed His Sheep 
Jesus Commissions the Disciples on the Mountain
Jesus Ascends into Heaven 
Mary and the Disciples Wait in Prayer
The Holy Spirit Descends at Pentecost