Thursday, October 29, 2020

Patron Saints of Jobs eBook! New!

Get Ready for All Saints Day! 

The new Patron Saints of A-Z Jobs eBook is a great bundle of printable activities for your home, class or church! Have fun learning about jobs and occupations, and why some saints are their patrons. Packed with printable posters, prayer cards, game cards, greeting cards, coloring pages and badges, this is a delightful and handy resource for All Saints Day and any other occasions. Must-have tool for Catholic religious education, family activities and personal spiritual growth for kids and young-at-hearts! 

Help young people explore different kinds of careers and think about their own callings!

The Patron Saints of A-Z Jobs eBook features cartoon artworks of patron saints of 26 jobs in alphabetical order, and includes short stories on why these saints are the respective patrons of particular occupations.

Featuring: Athletes (St. Sebastian), Barbers (St. Martin de Porres), Carpenters (St. Joseph), Doctors (St. Luke), Engineers (St. Patrick), Firefighters (St. Barbara), Gardeners (St. Rose of Lima), Housekeepers (St. Zita), Illustrators (St. Catherine of Bologna), Jewelers (St. Eligius), Kitchen Workers (St. Martha), Lawyers (St. Ivo of Kermatin), Musicians (St. Cecilia), Nurses (St. Agatha), Oceanographers (St. Brendan), Pilots (St. Joseph of Cupertino), Quantity Surveyors (St. Thomas), Reporters (St. Francis de Sales), Soldiers (St. Martin of Tours), Teachers (St. John Baptist de la Salle), Unemployed (St. Cajetan), Videographers (St. Clare of Assisi), Wildlife Wardens (St. Francis of Assisi), XML Coders (St. Isidore of Seville), Youth Workers (St. John Bosco) and Zoologists (St. Albert the Great).


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