Monday, November 30, 2020

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Happy Saints eBooks feature printable Catholic faith-formation resources for children and everyone else, with delightful cartoon artworks of Patron Saints, Bible StudiesChristian DevotionsLiturgical CalendarsChristmas Activities & Advent Jesse Trees. Great religious teaching tools for priests, pastors, parents, teachers, catechists and families! Find out more at

Friday, November 27, 2020

30% Black Friday Weekend Sale for Happy Saints eBooks!

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Happy Saints eBooks feature printable Catholic faith-formation resources for children and everyone else, with delightful cartoon artworks of Patron Saints, Bible Studies, Christian Devotions, Liturgical Calendars, Christmas Activities & Advent Jesse Trees. Great religious teaching tools for priests, pastors, parents, teachers, catechists and families! Find out more at

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

7 Advent Calendar Ideas for 2020

With Advent less than 2 weeks away, how do you plan to prepare for Christmas? A favorite traditional ‘countdown to Christmas’ activity is an Advent Calendar. To make one, you simply display a different ornament every day from the first Sunday of Advent until Christmas Eve. These ornaments may be icons, pictures or symbols  representing a person, prophecy or passage from the Bible. They may be hung on a Christmas Tree or placed on a wall chart. As you unveil each ornament, it is meaningful to say a little prayer as a family.

As there are 26 days in Advent in 2020 (Nov 29th to Dec 24th), you would need 26 ornaments. What can you use for ornaments? Here are 7 ideas you can consider. You may use printable cards and badges from Happy Saints ebooks for these ideas, or use your own images.

Idea 1: Traditional Jesse Tree

Let’s begin with the traditional Jesse Tree. Every day during Advent, put up a biblical character who plays an important part in the coming of Christ. The Happy Saints Jesse Tree ebook includes all you need for this idea.

Idea 2: Patron Saints Advent Calendar

How about a holy saint for each day of Advent? Simply select 26 of your favorite saints from Happy Saints Volume 1 to 14 ebooks. Each in this series feature 15 saints, so you would need at least 2 ebooks.

Idea 3: Alphabet Saints Advent Calendar

Having 26 days in Advent 2020 makes it prefect for alphabets! The Happy Saints A to Z ebook features exactly 26 saints for this! Alternatively, you can use the Patron Saints of AZ Jobs ebook also have exactly 26 saints, arranged in alphabetical order of the jobs and occupations of which they are patrons.

Idea 4: Devotional Advent Calendar

Say a traditional devotional prayer for each day of Advent. Happy Saints Favorite Prayers ebook 1 and ebook 2 include 40 prayers, so just select 26 for this idea.

Idea 5: Biblical Advent Calendar

Share a different passage from the Bible for each day of Advent. For this, you can choose from 40 ornaments if you use both the Happy Quotes ebook and the Parables ebook.

Idea 6: Holy Spirit Advent Calendar

Christ is born through the Holy Spirit. Use the Holy Spirit ebook to showcase the 19 fruits and gifts of the Spirit, and for the remaining 7 days, select from the Christmas ebook.

Idea 7: Beatitudes Advent Calendar

This calendar teaches us to live the Beatitudes through the Works of Mercy and the lives of the Saints. To make 26 ornaments, combine 8 from Beatitudes ebook, 14 from Works of Mercy ebook and 4 from St. Thérèse ebook

There you have it, 7 Advent Calendar ideas with 26 ornaments for 2020. Feel free to modify and use your own ornaments. If you wish to use the recommended Happy Saints artworks, there is currently a 20% Advent Sale over at the ebook store in November 2020, for orders US$60 and above. Just use promo code ADV20 at checkout. Go to the store at

Monday, November 9, 2020

Happy Saints ADVENT & CHRISTMAS Sale!

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20% off all ebooks (for orders above US$60), valid in November 2020! Use promo code ADV20 during checkout

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Friday, November 6, 2020

Liturgical Calendar 2021 from Happy Saints

 The Happy Saints Liturgical Calendar 2021 is now available! This downloadable and printable e-poster features the Catholic Liturgical Calendar Year B 2020 - 2021 (Nov 2020 to Nov 2021), illustrated with Happy Saints cartoon artworks and features major feast days in the Christian and Catholic tradition.

It also comes with a Monthly Calendar 2021 (Jan 2021 to Dec 2021) with solemnities, feast days, memorials & optional memorials!

Get the Calendar now!

*Large Size Prints Available!

Hardcopy Prints of the Liturgical Calendar (up to 50 x 40 inch!) are also available here