Wednesday, September 15, 2021

New Holy Mass eBook for Young People

We are happy to launch a new resource to help young people appreciate the Mass in a simple, accessible and delightful way! 

Mass is a special time to deepen our friendship and union with God. In this new resource, we will see how each Mass segment brings us closer to God until the great moment of Holy Communion. The saints will accompany us with their reflections as we respond to Him.

This is a great guide and companion for children, youth, families, students and any young-at-heart Catholics.
Introducing the Happy Saints Holy Mass eBook!

This new ebook is a devotional and educational resource to help everyone find God in each part of the Holy Catholic Mass, especially children and young people. 

It includes 30 cartoon infographics describing the main parts of the Mass, meanings and symbolisms, and how we can respond on our part. The sayings of the saints are also included for reflection. There are full color and black-and-white templates to print posters, cards, coloring pages, and button badges.

It also includes an introductory section on how to prepare well for the Mass, and reflection notes on the Holy Eucharist.

There is never a better time to discover the spiritual treasures of the Mass! Parents, pastors and teachers will find this a handy tool for religious education, and every Catholic will benefit from the simple and light-hearted (but rich) content.

(This publication has an Imprimatur.)

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