Thursday, October 20, 2022

30 Saints to Introduce to Young People

All Saints Day is a great time to introduce young people to the great saints of the Church! How do we do that in a fun and enriching way?

Our latest ebook ‘30 Saints You Must Know!’ is a handy resource featuring 30 most well-known Patron Saints, vividly illustrated and accompanied by simple biographies. This ebook includes ready-to-print activity templates for educational, family and pastoral activities, such as posters, prayer cards, flash cards, coloring pages and badges. 

It also includes a 'Group Poster' featuring all the featured Saints, together with a who's who guide sheet!

The ‘30 Saints You Must Know!’ ebook is great for Catholic religious education, family activities and introductions to holy role models. Children will enjoy the cartoons and interesting stories of the Saints. Young-at-Hearts will certainly find this a delightful collection!

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