Happy Saints Holy Mass


Happy Saints Holy Mass eBook
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Released 2021 • Instant digital download • High quality printable PDF • Formatted in letterhead size (8.5″ x 11″) • 154 pages • Non-commercial license • For personal use only • No physical product will be shipped!
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A devotional and educational resource to help everyone find God in every part of the Holy Catholic Mass, especially children and young people. 

It includes 30 cartoon infographic templates to print posters, prayer cards, coloring pages, flash cards and button badges. These templates may be used as study aids to understand the Mass, as a guide during Mass, as informative posters, as a prayer journal companion, and many other uses! It is great for Sunday school activities, religious education, children’s crafts, family devotions and other programs! 

There are 2 parts to this ebook:

PART 1 is an introductory section and includes information on how to prepare ourselves for the Holy Mass. It also includes explanatory notes on the Holy Eucharist.

PART 2 features 30 cartoon infographics of all the main parts of the Holy Catholic Mass. Each infographic describes a specific part of the Mass (‘What It Is’), the meaning and symbolism behind it (‘God Meets Me’) and how we can respond on our part (‘I Respond’). The sayings of the saints are also included for reflection. This part includes the following printable templates that may be used for countless activities. Full color and black-and-white versions are included.

Includes 30 cartoon infographics (in full color and black-and-white versions) on:
Entrance Procession • Sign of the Cross • Greeting • Penitential Rite • Gloria • Collect • First Reading • Responsorial Psalm • Second Reading • Gospel Acclamation • Gospel Reading  • Homily  • Creed • Prayer of the Faithful • Presentation of Gifts • Prayer over the Offerings • Preface • Sanctus • 1st Half of Eucharistic Prayer • Consecration • Memorial Acclamation • 2nd Half of Eucharistic Prayer • Doxology • The Lord’s Prayer • Sign of Peace • Lamb of God • Invitation to Communion • Communion • Prayer After Communion • Final Blessing and Dismissal 

Imprimatur by Archbishop William Goh of Singapore

Please note that due to the high quality graphics, this ebook is 135mb and may take a while to download.

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