Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pope St. John Paul II

St. John Paul II

Pope St. John Paul II (1920 - 2005) was the head of the Catholic Church from 1978 to 2005. He was an inspiring leader with great faith and love for the people of God. He travelled to many countries to bring the message of Jesus to the world. He even forgave the person who tried to kill him! He loved children and young people, and they loved him too! His feast day is on 22 October.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Happy Saints A to Z Cards

Check out this review of Happy Saints A to Z Cards by the Lieber Family!

‘… and the kids love them. They are the cutest pictures with a different Saint for each letter. Henry has asked repeatedly to play with them, although I think it's more accurate to say he likes looking through them and reading about the Saints. It warms my heart to see him studying them.’

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Ideas for All Saints Day!

Cupcakes, buckets, water bottles, candy boxes, card games, tokens ... ALL SAINTS' DAY is coming! And there is plenty of fun stuff you can do with Happy Saints artworks! Here is a collection of great ideas for your home, school or parish event for All Saints Day this year. Thank you to everyone who has shared your ideas!

'Put the Halo on the Saint' Game

Various Games

Coins and Tokens

Candy Boxes

Candy Tags


Water Bottles



Table Decorations


Bingo Game

Prayer Cards

Door Hangers

Coloring Pages

Exhibition Posters

Guess Who Game

Matching Game

More Matching Game!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blessed Pope Paul VI

Beatification of Pope Paul VI, October 19, 2014

Prayer for Faith by Pope Paul VI:

Lord, I believe: I wish to believe in Thee.
Lord, let my faith be full and unreserved,
and let it penetrate my thought,
my way of judging Divine things and human things.

Lord, let my faith be joyful
and give peace and gladness to my spirit,
and dispose it for prayer with God
and conversation with men,
so that the inner bliss of its fortunate possession
may shine forth in sacred and secular conversation.

Lord, let my faith be humble and not presume
to be based on the experience of my thought and of my feeling;
but let it surrender to the testimony of the Holy Spirit,
and not have any better guarantee than in docility to Tradition
and to the authority of the magisterium of the Holy Church.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

St. Luke the Evangelist

St. Luke the Evangelist
St. Luke was one of the four evangelists who wrote the Gospels in the Bible. He was a doctor and a companion of St. Paul, travelling across the Mediterranean region to preach about Jesus. St. Luke is traditionally believed to have painted the first icons, or paintings, of Jesus and Mary. This is why he is the patron saint of artists, as well as doctors! Many hospitals are named after St. Luke. His feast day is on 18 October.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

St. Gerard Majella

St. Gerard Majella
St. Gerard Majella (1728 - 1755) was a Redemptorist Brother who desired to suffer for Jesus. In his youth, he learnt sewing from his uncle but was badly treated by a worker. St. Gerard kept silent through this suffering. When he became a religious brother, he was falsely accused of fathering a woman’s child. Again, he suffered in silence and the woman recanted later. St. Gerard was a very holy and humble person who could read souls. He died of illness at the age of 29. He is the patron saint of unborn children, expectant mothers and falsely accused people. His feast day is on 16 October. 

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St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647 - 1690) was a French nun whom Jesus appeared to and showed His Sacred Heart. Jesus told her how much He loved all of us and wanted her to spread devotion to His Sacred Heart. Few people believed her but she did her best to carry out the Lord's wish. Jesus blessed her hard work and pain. Today, this wonderful devotion to the Sacred Heart is practiced all over the world. Her feast day is on 16 October.

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