Friday, May 22, 2015

Patreon Update

Patreon Update: 


TO EVERYONE, can you show more support, friends? It’s not terribly affirming to have response from just 0.02% of 85000 people. I am hoping there will be more encouragement to continue the Happy Saints project :(

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St. Rita of Cascia

St. Rita of Cascia 
St. Rita of Cascia (1381 – 1457) had a difficult marriage in Italy but she proved herself to be a good wife and mother. When her husband was murdered, she wanted her sons to forgive the murderers. St. Rita then joined an Augustinian community of nuns. She was known to be very holy. Asking to suffer as Christ did, she received a wound in her forehead which never healed. It also left a terrible stench that kept the other nuns away. When St. Rita died, the stench turned into a beautiful scent of roses. St. Rita's feast day is on 22 May.

Art from 'Happy Saints eBook 6’, available here:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Month of Mary #4: Our Lady of La Vang

Month of Mary #4: 
Our Lady of La Vang
In the 1700s, Mother Mary appeared to many people while they were praying in the La Vang forest in Vietnam. They were hiding there because the king was persecuting Christians. Mother Mary taught them how to make medicine from leaves. She also promised that those who pray there would have their prayers answered. Our Lady of La Vang’s feast day is on 22 November.

Our Lady of La Vang, pray for us!

Source: Happy Saints Mother Mary eBook

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to support Happy Saints on PATREON (example)

PATREON is a subscription-style crowdfunding platform.
Many people are unfamiliar with it, so let me attempt an example on how it works.
  1. Jack decides to support Happy Saints as a patron. 
  2. He pledges to give $1 for every artwork I will create. He does this by signing up as a patron in my Patreon page.
  3. One week later, I create a new artwork and post it up to my Patreon page. 
  4. $1 is billed to Jack’s credit card.
  5. Jack gets an email notifying him that I have posted a new artwork (he sets this option in his preference page).
  6. Jack logs into my Patreon page and sees the artwork. Jack also receives his patron reward.
  7. Three weeks later, I create another artwork  and post it up to my Patreon page.
  8. Another $1 is billed to Jack’s credit card.
  9. Jack sees the 2nd artwork and receives his reward.
  10. So, for that month, Jack gave $2 for the 2 new artworks posted.
  11. Jack can limit his pledge to only $1 a month in his account preference. In this case, he will only get to see the 1st artwork.
  12. The pledge is recurring as long as I post new artworks.
  13. Jack can cancel or modify his pledge anytime.
Happy Saints Patreon page:

I hope I am making sense LOL! 

Feel free to clarify and I will try my best to answer your questions. 
I am quite new to this myself.


Patrons Perks and Rewards

If you want Happy Saints to continue, please show your support as a ‘patron’. 

All it takes is a pledge of one dollar for every new artwork created. In return, you get higher quality artworks than anyone else! This chart shows the respective perks for different pledge levels.

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St. Ivo of Kermatin

St. Ivo of Kermatin
St. Ivo of Kermatin (1253-1303), also known as St. Ives or St. Yves, was a lawyer from France who worked hard to defend the poor. He was a holy man who refused bribes and fought against injustice against poor people. St. Ivo became a priest later and was known for his love for the Mass and Eucharist. He lived a life of prayer, fasting and mortification. St. Ivo is the patron saint of lawyers. His feast day is on 19 May.

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